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HDAY: Analgesics (painkillers) (bundle of 50)

HDAY: Analgesics (painkillers) (bundle of 50)

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This pamphlet discusses the consequences of deliberate or accidental misuse of common painkillers such as paracetamol, aspirin, codeine (in combination products) and ibuprofen.

This pamphlet includes statistics on analgesic use in Australia, and information on:

  • the side effects of misusing analgesics
  • specific information about the main types of analgesics
  • interaction of analgesics with other drugs
  • tolerance and dependence
  • tips for harm reduction
  • telephone numbers for services in all states.


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10 × 21 cm


20 page pamphlet


Drug education in schools, People who use drugs, Support people & families, Health & treatment professionals, Workplace

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18-24, Adults

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