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HDAY: Inhalants (bundle of 50)

HDAY: Inhalants (bundle of 50)

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Comprehensive and easy-to-read summary of how inhalants affect your body and life. The pamphlet covers the four main areas of inhalants: volatile solvents, aerosols, gases, and nitrates.

The pamphlet includes statistics on inhalant use in Australia, and information on:

  • effects of inhalants upon the body
  • interaction of inhalants with other drugs
  • tolerance and dependence
  • treatment and withdrawal
  • tips for harm reduction
  • telephone numbers for services in every state.


1.08 kg


10 × 21 cm


16 page pamphlet


Drug education in schools, People who use drugs, Support people & families, Health & treatment professionals, Workplace

Drug type

Inhalants, glue, petrol, solvents

Age group

18-24, Adults

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